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Es sind 3 passende Fonts vorhanden

TITUS Cyberbit Basic

Download: TITUS Cyberbit Basic
Lizenz: unknown

Anzahl Zeichen: 10044

Bitstream Cyberbit

Junicode 0.78

Download: Junicode - Version 0.78
Lizenz: Free

Anzahl Zeichen: 3280

A font family especially for medieval scholars, but containing an extensive enough selection of Unicode characters to be widely useful.

Quivira 4.1

Download: Quivira - Version 4.1
Lizenz: Free

Anzahl Zeichen: 11053

Quivira 4.1 contains 11,053 characters from various Unicode blocks. Most of them are expected to work correctly everywhere, but there are some issues with characters that have codepoints higher than 65,535 and combining characters.

Eine Übersicht der einzelnen Private_Use_Area finden Sie hier. [ Unicode Abkürzung: PUA ]

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